Accuride Adds ROI Calculator to Mobile App, Updates Wheels Catalog

  • New Lightweight ROI Calculator adds up the savings of Accuride wheels and wheel end components
  • Updated Wheels catalog includes new industry-leading EverSteel™ coating, lightweight aluminum wheels

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – March 1, 2016 – Accuride Corporation (NYSE: ACW) – a leading supplier of components to the North American and European commercial vehicle industries – announced it has launched two new marketing tools to help customers understand the performance, specifications, value and return on investment (ROI) of its wheel and brake drum products. The new, easy-to-use Lightweight ROI Calculator – available on Accuride’s website and mobile application – helps fleet operators determine their potential cost savings from making a switch to Accuride products from competing or legacy products. Accuride also published the 2016 edition of its popular Accuride Wheels Product Catalog. The updated catalog includes two new 22.5 x 9.00 lightweight aluminum wheels and Accuride’s proprietary EverSteel™ coating technology. EverSteel™ is the industry’s first-ever application for steel wheels to carry a warranty against corrosion.

Lightweight ROI Calculator – Adds Up the Value

The weight savings possible from lightweight Accuride wheels and Gunite® brake drums can help fleets save fuel, lower maintenance costs, extend tire life and increase payload capacity. With the new calculator, users can quickly estimate the potential cost benefits to their fleet by switching to high-quality, lightweight Accuride wheels and Gunite brake drums. The calculations are based on the real-world requirements of the customer’s fleet, including fleet type, region of operation, number of truck and trailer units, number of axles, component type and more. It estimates fuel savings and additional payload potential using Accuride wheels, Gunite brake drums and both products combined. In addition to Accuride’s mobile app, the Lightweight ROI Calculator is available at:

Accuride Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

Accuride’s mobile app made its debut in 2015, placing the features and functionality of the Accuride website into a user-friendly interface for iOS (iPhones/iPad), Android and other mobile devices. The Accuride mobile app provides customers with a helpful, easy-to-use resource for information on Accuride’s wheels and wheel end components. The app makes it easy to find the ideal component for each customer’s unique application. The app’s new Lightweight ROI Calculator puts the value of Accuride’s products in the palm of your hand.

How to Get the App

To quickly download Accuride’s free mobile app with the Lightweight ROI Calculator, visit either the Apple App Store or Google Play™ from a mobile phone or tablet, then search “Accuride,” then download the app. It’s that easy.

2016 Wheels Product Catalog Published

The 2016 edition of the Accuride Wheels Product Catalog contains detailed information on the company’s full range of steel and aluminum wheels for a variety of applications. New to the catalog is Accuride’s advanced EverSteel™ coating technology backed by the industry’s first-ever warranty against corrosion. Also featured are Accuride’s two new standard-type 22.5 x 9.00 lightweight aluminum wheels, and corrosion-resistant Steel Armor™ steel wheel coating technology. This trusted reference tool for OEM, aftermarket, and fleet operations and maintenance personnel contains information about Accuride’s:

  • Hub-piloted tubeless wheels
  • Stud-piloted tubeless and tube-type wheels
  • Demountable rims, spacer bands and components and wheel guards
  • Duplex® disc wheels and Duplex® demountable rims
  • Light-vehicle wheels
  • Finishes and coatings and warranty coverage.

The 2016 Accuride Wheels Product Catalog can be found in the Resources section of Accuride’s mobile app. It is also available for download(PDF) at the Accuride Wheel End Solutions website: For copies of the printed catalog, please contact your Accuride Sales representative.

About Accuride Corporation

With headquarters in Evansville, Ind., USA, Accuride Corporation is a leading supplier of components to the North American and European commercial vehicle industries. The company’s products include commercial vehicle wheels; wheel-end components and assemblies; and specialty cast-iron components for a range of agricultural, construction and mining, and oil and gas equipment applications. The company’s products are marketed under its brand names, which include Accuride®, Accuride Wheel End Solutions™, Gunite®, Gianetti Ruote™ and Brillion™. Accuride’s common stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ACW. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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